USD 980,420
BTC 26.340
ETH 1,104
LTC 188.850
DOGE 52,680
BLK 64.560
DASH 5.615
BCC 16.796

Invacio ICO

Blockchain meets AI

Signup White Paper


Invacio Coin gives you access to the range of Invacio’s market-ready systems

An ICO unlike any other

Blockchain meets AI

(INV) ICO is an unprecedented opportunity to obtain shares in a pre-launch tech company that stands to become a dominant force in the world of applied-AI and research. Gifted by Invacio’s founder and CEO, William James Dalrymple West, these shares will allow those who might otherwise never have had the chance to involve themselves in a promising tech startup to do so.

Invacio Coin is a token that gives you access not only to an array of interdependent AI, Communications, Data, Investment and Financial technologies, but which also comprises a doorway to Tamius, Invacio’s decentralized blockchain banking system. Invacio Coin is a new, secure, user-friendly crypto of immediate utility, that will be available for exchange as soon as possible after the ICO.

Hottest Technologies

Covering key areas including big data, research, online security, social networking, zero knowledge communications, blockchain technology, intelligence and, with central fintech and Hedge Fund divisions, also finance, all grounded in our multi-agent system artificial intelligence, Invacio’s business model is a rich and incredibly resilient.

Invacio is founded on a commitment to transparency and investments made in the company through this coin sale will be used transparently. Our financial projections and expenses are described in our white paper. In short the raised funds will enable us to throw the switch on an enormously resource-hungry technology, to scale our infrastructure in the ways necessary to keep it running as our AI learns, and to recruit the staff Invacio will need to suit our operational size.

Unlike other ICOs, Invacio launches with no mere prototype or white paper. Invacio is a company with a vast range of solutions already developed and Invacio’s research division is always hard at work to further broaden and deepen an already formidable offering. From end-to-end encrypted Zero-Knowledge communications and security, to mass data analysis, fintech, and banking, Invacio is breaking new ground.  

Invacio is the result of years of research and development by a team whose conceptual and practical ingenuity is advancing original real world solutions not only to the world’s most obstinate financial and intellectual interests, but also in fields as diverse as communications and social media, online privacy, and security. An advanced tech startup already acknowledged on the world stage, Invacio’s team has fully conceived plans for its future.

Covering key areas including big data, research, online security, social networking, zero knowledge communications, blockchain technology, intelligence and with central crypto-banking, fintech and Hedge Fund divisions, also finance, all grounded in our multi-agent system artificial intelligence, Invacio’s business model is a rich and incredibly resilient.

Executive Team

William James Dalrymple West
Founder & CEO
William is Invacio’s founder and CEO, and heads the AI development teams at Labs Internal Research responsible for the dynamic neural networks, big data, and autonomous AI central to Invacio’s architecture.
John Marshall
Chief of Strategy
John is Invacio’s Director, Chief of Strategy, and Head of Studies at Labs External Research. He read philosophy at Cambridge from 2000 to 2005, since which time he has devoted his life to writing and research, attending several institutions to write and speak on subjects including philosophy, mathematics, political science, ethics, music, and modern literature. Arguably the most cerebral member of the team, we’re usually both eager and terrified when presented with his latest strategic ideas. Equally interested in humanities and science John brings to Invacio not only utterly original perspectives but a prodigious ability to articulate them. He also has an outstanding record of trading in the foreign exchange market.
Daniel Brace
Operations Director
Invacio’s Operations Director, Daniel is a gifted entrepreneur. He went into business in 2011 and founded a successful contracting company with minimal investment. In his role as Business Development Director he oversaw the process of connecting, networking and meeting with clients to maximise opportunities and turn those opportunities into contracts. A hands-on manager of people and long time friend and confidant of CEO William, he knows an organisation functions most effectively when everybody really cares about the business and what it achieves.

Governmental Discussions

Early Stage Discussions

An Opportunity Like No Other

Our Story

After five years in development Invacio reaches ICO having evolved into 11 distinct but complementary divisions, each built over a groundbreaking core multi-agent system Artificial Intelligence so sensitive to the world and its changes the solutions it stands to revolutionize areas as diverse as big data, blockchain technology, communications, research, online privacy, finance, banking, and even security.

No mere white paper Invacio’s achievement has already shown outstanding performance in live tests that have run the whole range of our products and services, from our award-winning Zero-Knowledge and end-to-end encrypted communications to our fintech. The progress of Invacio’s current live experiment designed to test and refine the interaction of certain of our financial-AI’s most basic features can be followed here.

By taking part in this coin-sale you are involving yourself with a company composed of coders, data security experts, “white hat” hackers, scientists, hedge fund managers, senior Wall Street executives, engineers, statisticians, thinkers and entrepreneurs. Invacio’s team is innovative and curious, and because fully encouraging of new ideas and approaches continually makes very sudden and often unpredicted advances in many fields. We invite you to spend your time coming to know us and the work we’re doing by exploring our pages and listening to our informational audio and video. Should you have questions not answered somewhere on the site you are welcome to contact us directly at [email protected] For press inquiries, please contact [email protected]

Team & Advisory

Scott Soutter
AI and Deep Learning Counsel
Global Offering Manager at IBM Corporation’s Cognitive Systems organization, responsible for IBM’s deep learning and applied artificial intelligence platform, PowerAI, Scott Soutter has long been a prominent and inspirational figure in the world of applied AI research, and is a spokesperson for the future of AI innovation. Over the course of his career, Scott has held a variety of roles as a sales leader, worldwide technical architect manager, business development executive, high performance computing sales manager, and solutions architect. He and his family reside in beautiful Portland, Oregon. In his spare time he enjoys fly fishing, recreational swimming, photography, and exploring the outdoors. Scott’s vast experience in the AI industry and research will be invaluable as Invacio begins to scale its infrastructure and the work done at Labs.
James Smith
Digital Security Specialist
Having developed the automated Threat Intelligence Platform codenamed Night-Vision, and specializing in Penetration Testing, Threat Analysis, Vulnerability Management, Zero Day Exploit Discovery & Development, UNIX/Linux Systems Security and Administration, James is Invacio’s computer security specialist. He gained substantial public recognition a few years ago as an extremely gifted “white hat” hacker and appeared in the national press. He is one of the experts to have helped Invacio develop and refine its cryptography, Zero-Knowledge and security systems. In addition to his central role in Invacio’s research, development and security he has been the founder, director and Offensive Security & Threat Intel at Code-Eye Solutions, the Information Systems Security Consultant of Bulletproof's Professional Services, HTE Threat Analyst & Canada Desk Chief at Project VIGILANT LLC. James has the following certifications; OSCP, Offensive Security EC Council Certified Ethical Hacker, Ec Council
Oded Ilan
Marketing Specialist
An accomplished marketing and sales executive with over 20 years of experience in management, international sales, marketing and business development, Oded has held director-level positions in several high-tech companies and is an important part of Israel’s high tech industry. His previous roles include CEO and Co-Founder of Comobile (LBS Software), VP Business Development at Credics (card processing industry) and VP Business Development at NeoVSP and at Videocells. He built Iridize from grass-roots into a multi-million dollar operation that serves a high profile and discerning customer base. With expertise in fields including social media, cyber security, communications, user engagement and intelligent products, he is a sought after speaker and thought-leader and is frequently invited to sit on panels and contribute articles for publication.
Asif Majid
HNW Liaison Advisor
Asif Majid is the creative force behind YU Spaces and Partners, and leads its global strategy and development initiatives. Prior to establishing YU Spaces, Asif spent 15 years working in international sports management and development, for some of the biggest sports brands in football and F1. Through his extensive travelling and marketing expertise in brand development, he identified a niche in contemporary design within the UK market, after which he set about forming partnerships globally with some of the leading lights in the industry, and thus YU Spaces and Partners was born. Today the company has five regional offices worldwide and has carried out many design and build projects in over a dozen countries. YU Spaces and Asif have won numerous awards globally for their accomplishments, with Asif most recently winning London Asian Businessman of the Year in 2017. In addition to running YU Spaces, he works as advisor to high end brands and services, and after being featured in Sports World Magazine, has been asked to contribute as a guest writer on design and to interview celebrities from the world of sports and entertainment. In his spare time he works on charitable projects, loves to travel, learn languages and works as a motivational speaker. Asif joins Invacio to advise on corporate branding and to help guide the company as it scales.
Andres Pedraza
Equity Manager
A former director level executive at Fannie Mae, Euronext, and NYSE, where he managed state of the art IT operations, implementing and overseeing system-wide changes to global IT projects, Andres has helped shape the fiat equity management strategies of Invacio’s fintech divisions. He is accomplished trader of all asset classes and markets with an outstanding trading history. Educated at Cornell University, Johnson Graduate School of Management, the founder and head of trading at Special FX Academy, and an Amazon top-selling author of trading books, Andres is Invacio’s fiat equity manager.
Richard Cohen
Hedge Fund Management Advisor
An outstanding figure in the financial world, Richard Cohen spent more than twenty years in Asia and the US as a hedge fund manager and institutional stock broker. He and his firms were consistently ranked at the top of their industry. He has been quoted widely in the media including “The Wall Street Journal,” “The Far Eastern Economic Review,” Bloomberg, Reuters, and local magazines and newspapers. For the past three years he has worked in fintech as a consultant to a UK capacity exchange, a Finnish digital e-commerce platform, and an African NGO. In addition to his consulting work, Richard is the Chairman of a small Hong Kong-based energy efficiency company. Holding also a Master’s in Pacific International Affairs from UCSD’s school of Global Policy and Strategy, a Bachelor’s in Economics from UCSB, and having studied at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies for 18 months on a Japanese Government Scholarship, Richard’s expertise is a great asset to Invacio as we move forward.
Nathan L Smith
Advisor to the Board
Nathan is the CEO and Founder of Cly & Co Limited. Cly & Co emerged from roles working with large Domestic and International Banks, Private Banks and also his establishment of a Multi-Family Office dealing with both HNW and UHNW clients from a range of cultural and geographical backgrounds including Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Japan, UK, Singapore, South Korea, Russia, France, Switzerland, South Africa, India, Italy, Germany and Australia. Deemed “Extremely gifted and talented” and offered membership into a global IQ society at 10 years of age, Nathan’s experience covers a broad range of areas including 26 years spent in Personal & Corporate Accounting, 20 years in Financial Advisory & Wealth Management, 11 years constructing and running private bespoke investment portfolios (all of which have outperformed indices, professional institutional fund managers and peers) and 17 years working with HNW/UHNW Individuals and Families. Several of these Individuals have themselves been listed on both Forbes and Hurun Rich Lists as well as many who prefer to remain off such lists. Cly and Co is founded out of Hong Kong, managed primarily from Australia but with a truly global reach.
Arnaud C.M.C. Verstraete
Charitable Operations Counsel
Arnaud has joined the team as an advisor on Invacio’s charitable commitments. A well known public figure, philanthropist, and proponent of effective altruism, Arnaud has worked for much of his life as a Rotary Club member and chaired the Rotary Foundation Committee from 2005 until 2010. His family are owners of Europe’s oldest established private bank and this proximity to high level business networking has been a great aid to his charitable pursuits. His connections made, and experience gained as a lifelong altruist will be crucial in allowing Invacio to effectively allocate money and support to charitable causes.
Peter Nguyen
Systems Bug Buster Consultant
An accomplished coder with a formidable skill set which encompasses SQL, XML, jQuery, PHP, Java, HTML, and CSS as well as a wealth of experience in IT project management, Peter works with Invacio as a consultant and advisor to the business with particular focus on our InvMail E2E encrypted email system. His contribution to the UI design and back-end coding of InvMail has been invaluable. Educated at the University of Gothenburg, and a talented troubleshooter and “Bug Buster”, Peter has been Chief Technical Officer (CTO) at Likipe AB for the past eight years.
Arvind Patel
Systems Development Manager
Arvind Has worked as Invacio’s lead developer for five years. His formidable skill set includes his mastery of an array of backend/front end programming languages. He is co-founder of NLite Web Solutions, is Front End UX Team Lead, and has worked as Senior PHP Developer and Senior Website Developer at I-Quall Infotech and Om Web Solutions. He attended Saurashtra University in Rajkot, Gujarat, India and is Invacio’s Lead Architect with a wealth of programming, coding PHP development and website development experience, Arvind also just completed residency in Canada which is where Invacio will base him.
David Lesperance
Legal Counsel
Inspired by his work as a border official while attending law school in Canada, David Lesperance JD has specialized in tax and immigration issues since being called to the Ontario Bar in 1990, where he was an active member for for 26 years prior to establishing his consultancy firm, Global Citizenship Group. After his first US citizen expatriation client in 1990, David has been particularly focused on the integration of tax, immigration and citizenship for American-based clients. Since then he has assisted several hundred US clients to legally and permanently leave the US tax system. In addition, by working with their existing trusted advisors he has assisted many other American clients to establish their personal and family “Backup Plans”. Along with the option of being able to leave the US tax system, these Backup Plans provide clients with the tools to proactively deal with any possible negative events that may occur in their lives. Since the beginning of his career, Mr. Lesperance has also travelled extensively, including throughout the Middle and Far East, where he has assisted many clients to establish Backup Plans that address issues unique to their regions. His “Global & Local” approach to planning is reflected in the fact that he has twice executed Backup Plans for himself and his family. David’s legal and taxational expertise will serve to ensure the company’s stability as Invacio scale.
Michael J Aumock
Special Projects Executive
Michael is a member of the United Nations Task Force on Digital Economy and represented Invacio at the United Nations (ESCAP) in November 2017. In a career spanning 30 years, Michael has launched and run a number of highly successful businesses, including start-ups spanning several continents and multiple industries. Michael has enormous industry-specific experience, including the creation and management of wholesale distribution networks for cutting edge technologies across Asia.
Owais Iqbal
C.E & A.M and Pakistani Gov Liaison
Initial exposure with stocks/forex/commodities along with extensive technical analysis and Research. Leading to over a Decade of Real estate ventures. Marketing and Specialising in local and global agent networks Brand development and perception building, creating new markets and positive trends for developers. Investment management and consultants Private equityFund management within the Real Estate sector Experience in mall management and marketing Forerunners in reinventing the Real Estate industry of Pakistan
Omair Iqbal
Omair Iqbal
Initial exposure with stocks/forex/commodities along with extensive technical analysis and Research. Leading to over a Decade of Real estate ventures. Marketing and Specialising in local and global agent networks Brand development and perception building, creating new markets and positive trends for developers. Investment management and consultants Private equityFund management within the Real Estate sector Experience in mall management and marketing Forerunners in reinventing the Real Estate industry of Pakistan
Patricia De La Mota
Business Relationship Manager
Patricia de la Mota is Founder and Chief Strategist of Cre8factory LLC, an operations, marketing, and technology UX consulting firm based in the US. Her expertise in organizational and human relations keeps her asking subtle but crucial questions pivotal to a company’s successful expansion. She has driven progress at startups, SMBs, and enterprise level businesses across the gamut of industry including aerospace, apparel, biotech, entertainment, legal, technology, wellness, and intelligence. Patricia is our Tech Startup Advisor.
Benjamin Rengsomboon
Technical Development Manager
Benjamin is our hardware and database management champion. Holding degrees in finance & economics, programming (multiple languages), electronics & communications he is without question the most absurdly overqualified grunt in history. Despite his extremely valuable experience in global sales and marketing, and his skills as a Forex trader, he spends his time playing with cables and tearing insulating tape with his teeth. He also spends his time in the following ways: Constructing our backbone GPU server racks Overseeing and managing very-large-databases (VLDBs) Keeping most of Southeast Asia in essential produce with his two transportation companies Ben manages Invacio’s data retrieval and storage facilities.
Lisa Chau
Press Liaison Advisor
Lisa Chau is a digital strategist, with experience in global marketing and public relations. A prolific contributor to Forbes, US News & World Report, the Huffington Post and other leading business publications, Lisa is also involved with education, having taught courses and led conferences on social media, professional networking, and entrepreneurship at Columbia University and Smith College; and lectures undergraduates and MBA candidates at The New School, The Zicklin School of Business at Baruch College,and MIT. Also an author, entrepreneur, and sought after public speaker, Lisa will represent Invacio’s press and media interests in the US.
Madhav Vadgama
Chief Statistician & Blockchain Advocate
Invacio’s resident statistician, Madhav holds degrees in biochemistry, finance and computing, and has had an incredibly rich career that has ranged high-end jewellery, fashion design, product creation, business development, aftermarket services, extreme sports management, scientific research, and AI technologies. Madhav is part of the research division at Labs, where he spends his time crunching numbers, developing solutions to internet connectivity, working under Will as part of the blockchain development team, and advocating the Feynman technique.
Ashvin Muchhadiya
Systems Developer Lead
Ashvin is senior developer at Invacio and backend Gen Team Lead. He has more than 10 Years of experience in the industry including positions such as lead programmer and senior developer. Ashvins skills include his mastery of an array of backend/front end programming languages.
Anand Vemula
Blockchain Specialist
Invacio’s self-titled Blockchain Evangelist, Anand is a digital transformation dynamo with almost 20 years of experience in technical engineering. Anand is a successful IT project manager and blockchain specialist with a rare wealth of experience in the relatively new sector of ICO’s. His skills include, AML, KYC integration and cross-border payments, proficiency in Ethereum Solidity, ICO, Cryptocurrency, Microsoft Blockchain as a service, IBM Blockchain on Bluemix, Hyperledger, and most recently with his central involvement in several Blockchain projects, including a smart card for crypto-coin integration service, identity services using IOT and payment gateway integrations using Hyperledger, Anand is a blockchain and digital & cyber security transformation evangelist. He has a mastery of Node JS, NET, JAVA, Ethereum, Hyperledger, Couch DB, IPFS, Hadoop, among many other languages.
Linleeya West
ASEAN Relations Manager
The Invacio team spans five continents, and with certain of us more usefully thought of as entropy-generators than human beings, Linleeya’s ability to violate the second law of thermodynamics is extremely convenient. She is to Project Management what Maxwell’s Demon is to Brownian motion. She is Invacio’s very own entropy pump. And she is a vital part of what has held us together as we launch. Linleeya holds degrees in education and in hospitality management, and as we develop she will take responsibility for the management of our international events and public appearances.
Tim Claus
Site Security Advisor
A 15 year entrepreneur with a military background and specializing in security, Tim is our physical security advisor. He operates as a subcontractor, specializing in troubleshooting security scenarios for high profile clientele, creating highly-efficient project management systems, executing commissions for governments, multinationals, SME’s and individuals. Tim has spent twelve years managing international contracts, with the last 8 years managing Thai-nationals, utilizing innovative and proven methods on dozens of high-value contracts.
Jen Buakeuw
Crypto Community Ambassador
A cryptocurrency angel investor & ICO Expert, Jen is also a leading personality, public speaker and voice of progress to the cryptocurrency community and emerging markets. She is passionate about leveraging Crypto and Blockchain driven solutions to make a global impact and empower individuals to live life to the fullest. Jen obtained a Master of Business Administration International from Griffith University, Australia. Winner of the prestigious Australian- Asian UMAP Scholarship, Jen's passion is to share the world’s wealth & abundance through blockchain technology. Born in Thailand, currently based in Bangkok, Jen also has extensive experience in International Marketing, Foreign Direct Investment and Brand Strategic Management from various industries including Government Sector, Mining and Oil & Gas/ Natural resource. Jen is obsessed with Blockchain Technology, FinTech and Crypto Currencies. She believes they are the key ingredients for our world to transform. Jen will represent Invacio’s press and media interests in Southeast Asia and Australasia.
Yulia Korchagina (Юлия Корчагина)
Press Liaison Officer (Russia)
Yulia Korchagina is a Russian journalist, author, ethnographer and researcher at the Media Innovations Foundation. A former Journalist at Russian Planet (Русская планета) and the Russian Reporter (Русский Репортер), she is also a promoter and media agent with expertise in anthropological, historical and ethnographic topics, and a special interest in question of national memory. She has participated in studies organized by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation and the Robert Bosch Foundation, Projects of the Growing House for Social Technologies, the Liberal Mission, the School for Civil Leadership, the Heinrich Boell Foundation (Russia), and the «CEFER» Centre. She was educated at the Institute of Journalism and Literature (ИЖЛТ) in Moscow, and at the College & University in Cherepovets. Yulia is Invacio’s agent for Russian media relations.

Token Sale Progress



Mar 2013
Idea Inception, Early Research
Feb 2014
Development Begins
Mar 2014
Invacio Incorporated
Feb 2014
Development Begins
Apr 2014
Recruitment of developers grows
Dec 2014
Network Developers at 70 through shifts
Apr 2015
Aquire of brainpower and technologies of LB Zero Knowledge Framework
Jun 2015
LB Left in open Alpha
Dec 2015
LB User Base un-marketed in 2000+
Jan 2016
LB entered into awards unbeknown to us
March 2016
Jean initial version testing
April 2016
Network coupled with ZeroKnowledge Tech and Jean early iterations
04/16 – 06/17
Research & Development into AI heavily under-way rolling technologies across systems
Aug 2017
New Divisions created based on Jeans continued success, Data, Intelligence, Aquila, enhancements rolled into Network
Sep 2017
Archimedes Experiments publicly launch
Nov 2017
Invacio’s addresses the United Nations Assembly on AI
Nov-Dec 2017
Archimedes Experiment concludes, concentration on ICO
Dec 2017
UN Feedback was successful, Invacio decides to ICO instead of VC
Jan 2018
15m+ Inv sold before launch organically
We are here
Feb 2018
INV presale begins
Apr 2018
INV ICO sale ends, meetings with the Gov of NGA, THAI, PAK, UN event HK
Product launches begin
Listing INV Coin Exchanges
Tamius roll-out begins. Starting with our apps and desktop UI
Agnes assisted trading application launches
Aquila Fund launches publicly
Tomahawk long range trading advisor application launch
Invmail End 2End client side encrypted zero-knowledge com system launches
Alise data aggregation and analysis tool launched
Q4 2018-Q1 2019
Network integrated social and fin-tech business desktop launches
Q4 2018-Q1 2019
Consumer launch begins, Alise (security) Launch begins
Q4 2018-Q1 2019
API Systems launch
Q4 2018-Q1 2019
Data Systems come online ability to sell our data either cleaned/raw or ai derived.
Q4 2018-Q1 2019
Tamius personal Fiat & Crypto accounts launch
Q4 2018-Q1 2019
Labs internal & external research division receives funding injection
Q1 2019
Full portfolio launched, refining, scaling, revenue maximisation
As adoption and revenues rise, begin look-towards AIM-LSE Listing

Currency Conversion

Take part in the  

Coin Sale

Invacio are coming to market with a suite of market ready AI, fintech and blockchain products which stand to revolutionize multiple industries. With your backing we will bring the combined power of AI and blockchain into the mainstream.


Equity Gift Allocation

When you take part in this coin sale Invacio want you to know that we believe in our products. That’s why our founder has decided to offer buyers the option of free equity from his own personal allocation as a gift.

Referral Calculation

Help us to spread the word


How Can I Contribute?



At first we will ask you to create your INV account. After confirming your e-mail address you will be able to buy tokens. This option is available maximum one week before the Pre-sale starts.

Your data is secured and will not be shared with other parties unrelated to this Token Sale.



Various payment methods will be available. You will be able to buy INV with Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Litecoin or in fiat currencies via detailed options listed below.

Spread the word & earn tokens

During the INV Token Sale we will give away 7,500,000 INV in total to everyone who refers others to the INV Token Sale!

We pay you 5% commission in INV to your Wallet per referred friend.*

*important Note for Residents of United States of America and their overseas territories or possessions, or Countries under US Sanctions (‘Restricted States’), Singapore: The citizens, people domiciled in the Restricted States and residents of the Restricted States are not eligible and not allowed to participate in the Token Sale or REFERRAL PROGRAM owing to regulatory issues. The same restrictions also extend to residents of all other jurisdictions where US Sanctions are in force including Iran, North Korea, Syria, Sudan and North Korea. Min purchase rules apply as per white paper.

The Rules are Simple

Signup to the INV Console.
Login to the INV Console.
Start sharing your referral code (for instance via e-mail, Facebook, telegram or other social media channels).
Whenever someone registers through your link and buys INVs during the Pre- & Main-Sale, we pay you in INV, a bonus of 5% of the amount your friend purchased subject to both you and them having purchased over 334 INV.

Token Sale

The INV token grants exclusive access to the INV Ecosystem. Don't miss the opportunity to participate in the Token sale and become part of the first crowd.

  • Product Research and Development – 40%
  • Operations – 23%
  • Infrastructure and Setup Costs – 23%
  • Marketing – 14%


Main documents

Overviews, AMA’s, Team


What is Invacio?


What is the difference between Invacio and other ICO's?

What is your team's background?

When will you begin to arrive on the market?

When does the Invacio ICO start?

What are the conditions for the pre-sale?

How can i contribute to the Invacio ICO?

What makes Invacio's token (INV) unique?

What are the token holders benefits?

Is there a minimum amount of tokens to buy?

I heard William the founder is gifting equity in Invacio, how does this work?

I keep getting password errors, what am I doing wrong?

OK, for passwords, you need a combination of both upper and lower case letters along with at least 1 special character (@, !, #, $, etc) and a numeral. A good example would be [email protected] that would satisfy the password criteria. At this time, i’d like to apologise that the explanation is not given, it’s been tasked to developers to make that more clear as we’ve received a number of queries on this.

With a recent ICO I participated in, my My Ether Wallet essentially had to be registered with the company to participate in the early stages. For participation in Invacio ICO, is there any white-listing of addresses?

Wallets are still in development and are not available for the moment.  We are doing extra security testing so we don’t end up with any hacking issues. You are currently restricted in that sense but sometime during the ICO, wallets will be released and you will be able to put the tokens wherever you wish. We will update everybody when this time arises.

Every time I hit the verification link on my email address I see this message: "Error: Invalid verification credentials. Try the login page to request a new verification key."

Sorry about that! At this time we’ve had unusually high demand for our products and services. Although at Invacio we try to offer a world-class service at all times, due to financial constraints some services were cut down whilst in development. The pre-ICO is scheduled for 31st January, 2018 and our infrastructure will be fully in place by such time so this should not be a common issue. However, during this time please allow up to ten minutes for the verification email to arrive.

Where do I sign up? What is the signup link?

Thanks for asking! Token Presale Link:

(Currently on Stage 1 – $0.30 per token | 20% bonus on a minimum purchase of 100 USD)

After which, click “sign up”, fill in the details and then login. The site, due to it containing financials, requires 2FA or two factor authentication, an email containing a code will be sent to your registered email, copy and paste that code into the 2FA box and press verify, you will then be taken to your account screen.

I can’t access my wallet, is there a problem?

Not at all, as stated above, officially pre-ico is scheduled for 31st of January 2018 so wallets have yet to be released, currently any orders filled will be placed here awaiting our launch after which a wallet will be issued and you are free to trade/exchange your tokens as you feel.

I made a purchase but it’s not showing on my account.

We sometimes receive orders but no payments, in these cases the orders will be cancelled, the purchaser will also receive a notification email so you can try again.

Which countries (at present) are we unable to accept?

Currently, we are unable to offer services in Thailand, Singapore, USA and its territories and any country that has trade embargoes imposed. This situation is subject to change so please do sign up to our mailing lists and check back regularly.

How long will the ICO last for?

The short answer is 60 days.

30 days pre-ico and 30 days ICO. However, all these questions are detailed in the whitepaper and we implore anybody considering making an investment and joining the Invacio family to read the document thoroughly to understand what you are getting for your money.

How many Stages for the pre-sale and what are the coin rates? Is there a bonus structure?

4 Stages- and Coin rates (In USD)

Stage one : $0.30

Stage two: $0.65

Stage three: $1.05

Stage four: $1.40

Bonus Coin Allocation :

– Stage Bonuses on Purchases

  1. 20% of purchase amount
  2. 15% of purchase amount
  3. 10% of purchase amount
  4. 5% of purchase amount

– Referral Bonus

A referrer will receive bonus Invacio Coin allocations equivalent to 5% of the number of Invacio Coins purchased by each referred party.

– Identification Bonuses *

  • 5 Coins for Personal Information
  • 10 Coins for Identity Docs

Can I transfer from an exchange to Invacio?

Yes, you can but verification takes a touch longer, please bear this in mind.

Why are you using a postal box address in the UK?

We have multiple addresses but the London office is used purely for accounting purposes. Another address in the UK is Unit 11, Whitstable Harbour, Kent, CT6 1 AB, UK. This is a physical address and also the location of the family business. We also have locations in Phuket, Bangkok and Hong Kong.

My transaction didn’t go through, what’s happened?

Most of the time, the issue is due to the automated systems refusing to accept as transactions don’t match etc. Please check as appropriate however should you need any further help, please do not hesitate to contact us [email protected] is the address to contact, and we’ll be happy to help.

What currencies are accepted?

Fiat based

  • Credit/Debit card (VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, etc.) (USD)*
  • PayPal (USD)*
  • AliPay (GBP)* – Postponed Technical Issues
  • BanContact (Euro)*
  • Giropay (Euro)*
  • iDEAL (Euro)*
  • SOFORT (Euro)*
  • Przelewy24 (Euro)*
  • SEPA Direct Debit (Euro)*
  • International (inc Interbank-Rate Bank) Transfer (28 currencies).

Crypto based

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Blackcoin (BLK)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Dash (DASH)
  • Ripple (XRP)
  • NEM (XEM)
  • Dogecoin (DOGE)
  • Vertcoin (VTC)
  • Shapeshift (Altcoins Built in)
* Excluding US, US Territories (AM, UM, MN, GU, PR, VI), Singapore, Thailand Citizens  Credit/Debit Card and PayPal as SEC rules are ever changing.

Points to note:
  • Available payment options are determined on a country by country basis, as per regulations.
  • Fiat currency options are restricted to the equivalent of 200 USD across all options. 
  • Specific countries have currency options restricted due to uncertain regulations.
  • Fiat payment options will include a transaction fee. Transaction fees are variable and are determined by the volume of coins purchased and the external merchant used.
  • Token distribution supported no later than : Completion of ICO | Pre-Launch on Exchanges.
  • Token activation date : Completion of ICO | Pre-launch on Exchanges.
  • Tokens Purchased and Bonus Tokens become active if purchased via fiat methods on the completion of the ICO, and in Batch releases to Purchasers wallets subject to fiat transactions being confirmed via the Transaction Confirmation popup.
  • International Interbank-Rate Bank Transfer is restricted to a minimum $100,000 

What hardware wallets can be used to store INV?

We’ve currently tested MEW, we will be in due course testing other hardware wallets and updating our FAQ accordingly.

To setup your MEW hardware wallet to store INV please follow the illustration below:

Click Add Custom Token
Add Token Contract Address: 0xFd8861F451b19179DE8b5F6dfcbE3E9013d67027
Add Token Symbol: INV
Add Decimal Value: 8

Could any beta testers in the cryptocommunity with hardware wallets and able to test also email [email protected]

Once I’ve bought coins, how do I cancel them?

Like any other currency, you would need to exchange them for whatever currency you prefer however since we have not reached pre-ico yet, the coins are not yet listed on an exchange so are unable to be traded. Buying into any ico means that you are getting a favorable rate on their value, speculators hold or hodl on to their coins for a period waiting for the value of the coin to increase at which point they sell those coins at those rates. Similarly to currency trading, crypto currency trading facilitates the exchange from one form to another etc etc.

When will the coins be released?

During/post ico, after negotiations with exchanges have taken place coins will be able to be transferred to exchanges.

I can’t verify my documents so I can’t use my card

To assist banks in the fight to prevent fraud our systems have been designed to only allow documents taken at the very moment of making a payment. We understand this can be a little frustrating but it’s a policy we have adopted in the fight against fraud. The picture has to be taken from the machine that you are using to make your purchases on the date of purchase.

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